Melody Line Productions is proud to present our latest CD "Have a Maui Christmas" just in time for the Holidays!

"Have a Maui Christmas" blends traditional Christmas songs with sounds of aloha from Maui. It features various local artists who capture the spirit of Maui with their island style. Celebrate Christmas 'local style' by adding this CD to your collection.

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Located in the heart of the Hawaiian Islands, Melody Line Productions' Upcountry studio on Maui is a well known place where the famous and not so famous gather. Over the years, Melody Line Productions has had the pleasure of working with many great artists - both local and abroad. Here is just a partial list:

  Hawaiian Artisits: Popular Artists:  
  • Willie Kahaialii
  • Amy Gilliom
  • Uluwehi Guerero
  • Eric Gilliom
  • Dennis Pavao
  • Lono
  • Ron Kualaau
  • Na Leo Me Pili Mehana
  • Kawika Lumho
  • Maurice Bega
  • Gail Swanson
  • Damon Williams
  • Lukela Keala
  • Hulu Lindsay
  • Erland Pahukoa
  • Bob Bangerter
  • Ray Gooliak
  • Jason Sadang
  • Henry Allen
  • Hawaiian Heat
  • Sam Ahia
  • Desmon Antone
  • George Tavoularis
  • David Choy
    and more...
  • Willie Nelson
  • Kris Kristoferson
  • Alice Cooper
  • Buddy Miles
  • Patrick Simmons
  • Jon Anderson from "Yes"
  • Peter Wasner from"Vince Gill"
  • Cornilius Bumpus from"Steely Dan"
    and more..